We’re Moving (Must Read)…

Hi, For the benefit of those of you that aren’t on Facebook and/or twitter etc, the podcast is returning, and moving to a new host. Hopefully the move should be seamless and you won’t need to do anything to continue receiving the new episodes. HOWEVER, my current host are dragging their heels responding to me, and potentially I might have to set it up at a new address, meaning you’ll need to re-subscribe on iTunes or whichever player you use.

*If* the podcast does move, I’ll post the updated information you’ll need on this page, as well as on my facebook page.

Since my last update, I’ve been busy working on the re-branding for the upcoming launch and finalising the new schedule consisting of 3 weekly shows.

Stay tuned for more news soon…

Beautiful young woman dancing in the nightclub

New logo



2 thoughts on “We’re Moving (Must Read)…

  1. Love your music!! One thing I look forward to every single month!! Keep doing what you’re doing!!! Amazing music

    Toronto, ON, Canada


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