We’re Moving (Must Read)…

Hi, For the benefit of those of you that aren’t on Facebook and/or twitter etc, the podcast is returning, and moving to a new host. Hopefully the move should be seamless and you won’t need to do anything to continue receiving the new episodes. HOWEVER, my current host are dragging their heels responding to me, and potentially I might have to set it up at a new address, meaning you’ll need to re-subscribe on iTunes or whichever player you use.

*If* the podcast does move, I’ll post the updated information you’ll need on this page, as well as on my facebook page.

Since my last update, I’ve been busy working on the re-branding for the upcoming launch and finalising the new schedule consisting of 3 weekly shows.

Stay tuned for more news soon…

Beautiful young woman dancing in the nightclub

New logo



In the last of our announcements, the 3rd show to be unveiled in the revised schedule is the Shots Bar mix.

Every Friday we’ll get your weekend started with the finest selection of funky house, club bangers.

Don’t forget, the action gets underway this Friday with the Pre-party mix.

Hump Day

For the 2nd consecutive Monday, I can now reveal the new show coming out every Wednesday, starting July 6th, you’ll be able to listen to the ‘Hump Mix’.

Every hump day you’ll now have a mix featuring the latest and best in house music to carry you through to the weekend. This show will have more of an “end of the night”, “big room” type vibe.

To kick things off in the 1st show though, we take a trip back to 2010 and sample some of the biggest tunes of the year.

Next Monday, I’ll be revealing the 3rd and final show in the lineup.

Happy Mondays

As promised, today I’m announcing the first of the 3 new shows you’ll be hearing on the new Boomin Anthems podcast.

Kicking off July 4th, every Monday I’ll be putting out the ‘Pick Mix‘, each week showcasing one of the many EDM associated sub-genre’s. Expect to hear lot’s of different styles, such as trance, deep house, drum & base and dubstep etc.

In the 1st episode though, I’ll be putting out a ‘Nu disco’ mix,  I’m really excited to put this out and see what people think as it’s something I’ve wanted to do for years.

Next Monday I’ll be announcing the new show coming out each Wednesday, so stay tuned…

Get Ready For The Launch

It’s now official, the re-launch of the Boomin Anthems podcast is happening on July 4th, that’s right, we’re back on Independance Day! But the fun gets started a little earlier than that, when we present the ‘Pre-Launch party’ on July 1st.

And I can now confirm that as promised, there will be 3 shows per week!! Every Monday, Wednesday and Friday you can expect brand new content from your favourite podcast.

Beginning next Monday (13th July), and over the course of the following 3 weeks, I will be revealing the name of each of the new shows, as well as what kind of tunes you can expect to hear in each.


The One Where I Speak

The new mix is out now – available to download from all the usual places, this will be the last mix I put out with my current host (Podomatic). Meaning that you may need to re-subscribe depending on how my talks go with Podomatic. With any luck the move should be seamless and you won’t even notice, but I need to warn everyone just in case.

I’ve nearly finished finalising the new schedule, so I should be able to announce something on that very soon.

Hope you enjoy the new mix, let me know what you think, should I talk more on the podcasts? You decide.